A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Cannibal Rising: Day 2
17 Days until Samhain

The following morning all three investigators sought information separately.

  • Enrique reached out to his former underworld contacts and discovered that the disappearances appeared to be confined exclusively to downtown St. Paul.
  • Nicholas placed several calls to various shelters, soup kitchens and businesses in the area, in the process finding that there had been upwards of 50 disappearances over the past month. Most of those clustered in an area near a building purported to be tied to the Jaguar Knights.
  • Benny turned to otherworldly means for information acquisition. He performed a psychometric ritual at the last known scene. He discovered that two shadowy figures dressed in off-the-rack suits attacked the victim with preternatural speed and strength. One of the aggressors biting the victim during the scuffle.

Benny, Enrique and Nicholas gathered together to compare notes. All signs pointed to a possible an uptick in Red Court activity. Benny immediately contacted Edinburgh for instructions, fearing the d├ętente between the Red Court and the White Council was in jeopardy. Secretary Peabody of the White Council directed Benny to approach the situation cautiously and to, at all costs, avoid offending the Red Court. Benny then setup a meeting with Duke Amancio Gaspar at the Pig’s Eye.

Cannibal Rising: Day 1
18 Days until Samhain

While investigating reports of missing homeless during the early evening, Detective Nicholas McCoy, Benny Martin and Enrique Salazar were jumped by members of the Marauders in downtown St. Paul. The trio were able to quickly subdue their assailants and under questioning it was revealed that the Marauders believed there was a connection between corrupt law enforcement personnel and the disappearances. The Marauders became involved when their leader became concerned for his food supply.

Sergeant O’Reilly from SPPD responded to the scene, and only a hurried explanation by Detective McCoy prevented Enrique from being entangled in further questioning. Unfortunately Detective McCoy shot and wounded one of the perpetrators and, as a result, will be required to go before a review board. As the shooting was also outside of Nicholas’s jurisdiction this could lead to serious ramifications. Lieutenant Martinez, Nicholas’s superior, indicated his displeasure at the situation, and directed Nicholas to tread more carefully.


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