A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Something Wicked: Day 3

After spending the night in rest and recuperation, Nicholas and Enrique left to seek assistance. As they were driving they were accosted by a group of the Jaguar Knights. Thinking quickly, Enrique called The Hammer asking for assistance. After a tense standoff, the Hammer rode up on his bike, dismounted and told the Knights that they had best see to their own as the barrio was now on fire. The Knights quickly left to see to their loved ones and the Hammer told Nick and Enrique that they owed him even more now, but he’d collect much later, assuming they lived, as he was leaving town shortly.

The entire team got together to discuss their plan. After a short while they came up with an inspired plan of mayhem. They stole a fire engine from the barrio fire, ensured the tank was filled and then blessed. They caught up with the Hammer before he left, where they managed to get a some heavier firepower and Nick picked up Nannupuq to assist with the battle.

For the assault on Duke Gaspar’s compound, Nick took up an overwatch position, Benny prepared to augment the attack with magic, Trick was in the driver’s seat of the fire engine and Enrique prepared to blow the gate with an RPG.

The attack went off without a hitch. After exploding the fire engine inside Gaspar’s mansion and massively decimating his guard force the group retired to Benny’s.

While they were celebrating they heard the telltale sound of a beating heart, the signature of the Jaguar demon. In a final battle against the demon and the Eebs, Enrique lost his arm, but the Red Court forces were ultimately defeated.



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