A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Something Wicked: Day 1

The day began with Benny reading in the paper that the American Swedish Institute had burned the previous evening. While he was getting ready to go investigate, Eva received a call from Hernando letting her know that the entire St. Giles cell had been wiped out that night.

Benny and Nick investigated the attack on the ASI and found the place gutted. They went to Professor Tomasson‘s house and found him there, gravely wounded. A quick conversation with his wife led them to calling Dr. Alhazred to stabilize the professor. After the doctor’s tender ministrations, the professor was evacuated by a team from the Venatorum Umbrorum.

Benny reached out to his contacts and found out that the Red Court was preparing the way for a major ritual. Apparently, one of the Lords of Outer Night, Tezcatlipoca was coming to town.

The group arranged a meeting with Duke Gaspar at the Pig’s Eye. To describe the meeting as disastrous would be putting it mildly. Benny insulted the Duke and it fell to Enrique to act as peacemaker. Enrique’s efforts were unsuccessful.



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