Winter Court

Chief Ragnvaldr is the local Winter Court leader. While Winter has a strong hold on the region, it is only due to his constant efforts. He feels Mab pays too little attention to the Twin Cities and is constantly petitioning for her assistance.

One of his more successful innovations is the St. Paul Winter Carnival. It is the oldest and largest winter carnival in North America. Ragnavaldr uses it as a show of strength during winter’s height.

Defining Aspect: Glacial implacability
Attitude Aspect: We can outwait you all
Background Aspect: Winter ruled here once
Core PurposeAspect: The cold status quo
Danger Aspect: Too slow to act


  • Alertness: Good (+3)
  • Resources: Fair (+2)
  • Endurance: Good (+3)


  • Scholarship: Fair (+2)
  • Lore: Great (+4)
  • Discipline: Good (+3)
  • Conviction: Good (+3)


  • Contacts: Good (+3)
  • Deceit: Average (+1)
  • Empathy: Fair (+2)
  • Rapport: Average (+1)
  • Presence: Fair (+2)

Winter Court

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