White Court

House Skavis represents White Court interests in the region. They run the local cosa nostra and are rumored to be involved all the major sports franchises in the area as well as the Helping Hand mission. Graziella Skavis, former heir-apparent to the house has been exiled to the area.

Defining Aspect: The Skavis Family Farm
Attitude Aspect: Sit back and watch the carnage
Background Aspect: We let others do the heavy lifting
Core Purpose Aspect: Consolidate and manipulate
Danger Aspect: Pay no mind to the woman behind the curtain


  • Alertness: Great (+4)
  • Resources: Fantastic (+6)
  • Endurance: Great (+4)


  • Scholarship: Good (+3)
  • Lore: Good (+3)
  • Discipline: Great (+4)
  • Conviction: Good (+3)


  • Contacts: Great (+4)
  • Deceit: Great (+4)
  • Empathy: Great (+4)
  • Rapport: Good (+3)
  • Presence: Superb (+5)

White Court

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