Venatori Umbrorum

Professor Mikkel Tomasson of the American Swedish Institute runs a chapter of the Venatori Umbrorum . They have done limited work with the Fellowship of Saint Giles but are more interested in the rarer supernatural predators. They have been careful to avoid attracting the attention of the vampire courts.

Defining Aspect: Shadow Hunters of Shadows
Attitude Aspect: Knowledge is the best weapon
Background Aspect: Helped others keep the peace
Core PurposeAspect: Shield the average man
Danger Aspect: Not ready for the big leagues


  • Alertness: Fair (+2)
  • Resources: Good (+3)
  • Endurance: Average (+1)


  • Scholarship: Superb (+5)
  • Lore: Great (+4)
  • Discipline: Fair (+2)
  • Conviction: Fair (+2)


  • Contacts: Great (+4)
  • Deceit: Average (+1)
  • Empathy: Good (+3)
  • Rapport: Fair (+2)
  • Presence: Average (+1)

Venatori Umbrorum

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