Themes and Threats

Idea: Twin Cities
Theme: Coming Together and Driving Apart

The idea of duality is implicit in the region. The two cities have a history of alternatively competing and cooperating. The Mississippi river serves as a divider between St. Paul and Minneapolis, and in turn comes together with the Minnesota river.

Idea: Cities of Increasing Problems
Threat: Wolves at the Door

In general the idea behind this is things are becoming more dangerous, both in the mundane and
supernatural senses. More gang violence, more people are disappearing every day, economic downturn has made money tight for everyone. The wolves are at the door and it’s straining at its hinges.

Idea: Independent Spirit
Theme: Pig-Headed Independence

The pioneering spirit that founded the region has changed to a hard headed independence. From non-traditional politicians to a “we’ll do it our way” spirit, the area supports the idea of marching to a different drum.

Themes and Threats

A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities Kriger