Summer Court

Thane Cadeyrn is the local Summer Court representative. He chafes under Titania’s rule and is trying to build support for secession among the local summer court fae. Titania is aware of much of this, and as a result, keeps the Thane on a short leash. Cadeyrn is hoping that the recent upheavals in Chicago will distract Titania enough for him to make his move.

Defining Aspect: A fire sweeps the twin cities
Attitude Aspect: A new playground and domain
Background Aspect: The courts weren’t made to play nice
Core Purpose Aspect: A will to rise
Danger Aspect: A land destined for winter


  • Alertness: Fair (+2)
  • Resources: Good (+3)
  • Endurance: Good (+3)


  • Scholarship: Average (+1)
  • Lore: Good (+3)
  • Discipline: Fair (+2)
  • Conviction: Good (+3)


  • Contacts: Good (+3)
  • Deceit: Average (+1)
  • Empathy: Fair (+2)
  • Rapport: Mediocre (+0)
  • Presence: Good (+3)

Summer Court

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