Red Court

The duchy that is responsible for Midwest Red Court activity is based out of St. Paul. The area is considered a Red Court stronghold and they have heavy influence in both politics and outright run the Jaguar Knights gang. Duke Amancio Gaspar is the local Red Court leader.

Defining Aspect: This is our domain
Attitude Aspect: Pay homage
Background Aspect: Won through rivers of blood
Core Purpose Aspect: A secure bastion
Danger Aspect: The most powerful target


  • Alertness: Good (+3)
  • Resources: Fantastic (+6)
  • Endurance: Fantastic (+6)


  • Scholarship: Fair (+2)
  • Lore: Good (+3)
  • Discipline: Great (+4)
  • Conviction: Great (+4)


  • Contacts: Superb (+5)
  • Deceit: Superb (+5)
  • Empathy: Fair (+2)
  • Rapport: Average (+1)
  • Presence: Superb (+5)

Red Court

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