Fellowship of Saint Giles

Hernando Vasquez is the current leader of a cell of the Fellowship of St. Giles with ties to the Basilica of St. Mary and the Venatori Umbrorum at the ASI. They have to be far more subtle than they’d prefer as they are grossly outnumbered by the Red Court in the region. So far they have limited their activities to intelligence gathering.

Defining Aspect: The Red Court will burn
Attitude Aspect: Hiding in the demon’s cupboard
Background Aspect: We’ve been through the wars
Core PurposeAspect: Stem the tide of blood
Danger Aspect: Too few and too hungry


  • Alertness: Great (+4)
  • Resources: Average (+1)
  • Endurance: Fair (+2)


  • Scholarship: Mediocre (+0)
  • Lore: Good (+3)
  • Discipline: Good (+3)
  • Conviction: Great (+4)


  • Contacts: Average (+1)
  • Deceit: Fair (+2)
  • Empathy: Mediocre (+0)
  • Rapport: Average (+1)
  • Presence: Average (+1)