Battle Creek Hunting Club

There is a wide mix of werecreatures in the area. It is possible to find anything from lynx to bear to otters to wolves and beyond. Due to this large population, the group has banded together in an organization known as the Battle Creek Hunting Club, lead by Bjorn Petersen. Their primary focus is protecting the interests of the local were community from the predations of the larger supernatural nations.

Defining Aspect: Protection in numbers
Attitude Aspect: Don’t tread on our turf
Background Aspect: Security built through blood
Core PurposeAspect: Cautious survival
Danger Aspect: Too convenient a catspaw


  • Alertness: Good (+3)
  • Resources: Average (+1)
  • Endurance: Fair (+2)


  • Scholarship: Average (+1)
  • Lore: Average (+1)
  • Discipline: Fair (+2)
  • Conviction: Good (+3)


  • Contacts: Average (+1)
  • Deceit: Average (+1)
  • Empathy: Mediocre (+0)
  • Rapport: Average (+1)
  • Presence: Fair (+2)