A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Consequences: Day 2

After getting Enrique some needed medical attention, the group called in Stinky Joe to assist with covering their tracks. Joe used shapeshifting and glamours to make it appear that the group died in a car accident. On his way back to the group, Joe was pressed into carrying a message to Enrique, informing him that his help was needed by his fellow Knight of the Cross, Sanya. He set the remainder of the group up with a contact in Baltimore.

To be continued in “Bad Times in Ba’more

Consequences: Day 1

The next morning, following the Red Court annihilation, Nicholas got a call from Officer Fintan. Officer Fintan told Nicholas that there was a federal task force gearing up to arrest him and his friends. While on the phone he asked Nicholas if he knew anything about multiple grave sites being disturbed around the area.

The group immediately mobilized and fled to the Never Never. They promptly discovered the cause of the grave disturbances. Dabumun was waiting for them with hundreds of zombies. They retreated back to the normal world and took off to find another spot to enter the Never Never. They slipped back through a portal, and, under cloak, proceeded on their journey. After a short tussle with a few zombies, they eventually came out in the Outback. A few more hops and they found themselves traveling through Winter Court territory. They ended up having to fight their way out, slaying two trolls and several hobs in the process. Eventually they came through at Klaus’s house in Belgium.

After a short rest and bringing Klaus up to speed they left for Benny’s hideout in the Agean, leaving Zeke behind to recuperate.

Something Wicked: Day 3

After spending the night in rest and recuperation, Nicholas and Enrique left to seek assistance. As they were driving they were accosted by a group of the Jaguar Knights. Thinking quickly, Enrique called The Hammer asking for assistance. After a tense standoff, the Hammer rode up on his bike, dismounted and told the Knights that they had best see to their own as the barrio was now on fire. The Knights quickly left to see to their loved ones and the Hammer told Nick and Enrique that they owed him even more now, but he’d collect much later, assuming they lived, as he was leaving town shortly.

The entire team got together to discuss their plan. After a short while they came up with an inspired plan of mayhem. They stole a fire engine from the barrio fire, ensured the tank was filled and then blessed. They caught up with the Hammer before he left, where they managed to get a some heavier firepower and Nick picked up Nannupuq to assist with the battle.

For the assault on Duke Gaspar’s compound, Nick took up an overwatch position, Benny prepared to augment the attack with magic, Trick was in the driver’s seat of the fire engine and Enrique prepared to blow the gate with an RPG.

The attack went off without a hitch. After exploding the fire engine inside Gaspar’s mansion and massively decimating his guard force the group retired to Benny’s.

While they were celebrating they heard the telltale sound of a beating heart, the signature of the Jaguar demon. In a final battle against the demon and the Eebs, Enrique lost his arm, but the Red Court forces were ultimately defeated.

Something Wicked: Day 2

While discussing the previous evening’s diplomatic apocalypse, the group was interrupted by the sound of rolling thunder. Nick stepped away to listen in to what was happening on his police scanner, where he heard of an explosion in St. Paul.

The group immediately headed out to investigate. Upon arrival, they found that Olav‘s house and the surrounding five houses had been destroyed in a massive explosion. Benny presented himself to the police as Olav’s next of kin. As Benny was talking to the police, Olav was pulled from the wreckage, grievously injured.

The quickly followed Olav’s ambulance, arriving just as they were pulling up to the hospital. Benny was able to convince the administration to put Olav in an isolated area through the application of large amounts of money.

As Benny was making arrangements, Nick received an panicked phone call from Zeke indicating that the mansion was under attack.

The group tore off towards the mansion, only to have the car fail en route. Thinking quickly, Benny opened a portal to the Nevernever. After a jaunt through floating rocks, the Arctic and a dank cave, they came out a half mile from the mansion.

As they came up to the mansion, they saw Eva Fediraya engaged in fighting a massive jaguar demon, while Red Court vampires were taking shots at the mansion itself. After a short battle they managed to run the vampires off.

Something Wicked: Day 1

The day began with Benny reading in the paper that the American Swedish Institute had burned the previous evening. While he was getting ready to go investigate, Eva received a call from Hernando letting her know that the entire St. Giles cell had been wiped out that night.

Benny and Nick investigated the attack on the ASI and found the place gutted. They went to Professor Tomasson‘s house and found him there, gravely wounded. A quick conversation with his wife led them to calling Dr. Alhazred to stabilize the professor. After the doctor’s tender ministrations, the professor was evacuated by a team from the Venatorum Umbrorum.

Benny reached out to his contacts and found out that the Red Court was preparing the way for a major ritual. Apparently, one of the Lords of Outer Night, Tezcatlipoca was coming to town.

The group arranged a meeting with Duke Gaspar at the Pig’s Eye. To describe the meeting as disastrous would be putting it mildly. Benny insulted the Duke and it fell to Enrique to act as peacemaker. Enrique’s efforts were unsuccessful.

Hounded: Day 14

The group, after considering Connall’s demands, agreed to return the Gae Bolg to him in exchange for certain concessions. Nicholas drew up the following document:

In exchange for safely returning the Gae Bolg:
1. Bill will be returned alive and unharmed.
2. Connall, his friends, allies and any potential contracting intermediaries cannot harass, kidnap, harm, torture or kill the undersigned, their families, hangers on and non-supernatural business associates now and in perpetuity. This agreement is voided in regards to those previously mentions as protected if they attack Connall.

This was signed by Nicholas, Benny, Enrique, Trick and Connall.

Connall accepted the agreement and the exchange was made.

Hounded: Day 13

The previous night’s soiree had left the grounds of Benny’s place in a bit of a disarray. After making their way past unconscious nymphs and wrestling uber ghouls, Enrique and Nicholas left to pick up Enrique’s friend Trick who was being released on probation. While they were gone, Ezekial arrived, ready to move in. Benny, despairing at the egregios fashion disaster that was Zeke’s wardrobe, immediately took Zeke to Benny’s tailor.

Trick was picked up without incident, and following a stern lecture on the sanctity of other people’s property, was brought back to the mansion. Benny and Zeke returned and got Zeke settled in.

While the group was getting to know each other a telegram arrived for Bill Jones, Benny’s manservant. The telegram read:

Bill, we’re on our way. We’ll get in this evening. We hope Benny is going to be alright.

A quick investigation found that the phone lines were down to the mansion. Once they were repaired, Benny called his brother to find out what was going on. His brother had heard nothing from their parents. Enrique, Nicholas, Bill and Trick left to pick up the parents at the airport. Nicholas chose to wait with the car to prevent tampering while the remaining three went to the charter terminal.

After about an hour’s wait at the terminal, Bill left with one of the gate agents. No sooner than he got out of sight, the remaining people in the terminal attacked Enrique and Trick. Two businessmen morphed into hulking stone creatures, a b-list celebrity turned into a venom-dripping snake woman, and the remaining gate agent turned into a demonic child.

A brutal fight ensued. Trick managed to avoid getting hurt but Enrique was poisoned and badly injured when, Nicholas arrived to provide salvation. Eventually they slayed the demon child and one of the stone creatures, but the others fled the scene. During the altercation, Nicholas was also poisoned.

Nicholas called Benny, who promptly gathered up Eva Fediraya and used the Nevernever to travel to the airport. Benny’s arrive brought down the baggage claim system. By the time Benny arrived at the terminal, Enrique had passed out from his wounds.

Benny called in Dr. Alhazred to assist. The price of which ended up being $50,000, Benny’s silk tie, and one favor to be claimed later that would not violate any of the laws of magic.

While the doctor worked, Eva and Benny tried to find what happened to Bill. Eventually they discovered a wrecked office with traces of Bill’s blood. Further investigation led them to an area where a portal had been opened to the Nevernever. Benny’s check of the portal showed that it lead to the lands of Winter.

Shortly after Benny and Eva returned to the terminal, Benny’s parents arrived. Everyone quickly retreated to the mansion to consider a further course of action. When they arrived, they found a note from Connall stating that he would return Bill alive and unharmed in exchange for the Gae Bolg, Enrique, Nicholas or Benny.

Connall returned again later that evening, asking for their answer. They requested a day to consider their response.

Hounded: Day 12

The day started off with Enrique’s stitches sliding out of his stomach and, inch-worm like, crawling from the house in search of their master.

Still early that morning, Nicholas, Benny and Enrique were all hit with unnaturally bad luck. Benny was able to deduce that each of them had been subject to an entropy curse. Once they met together and discussed the situation they discovered that all three were missing a small personal item. A short thaumaturgy ritual later and they were on the trail of their missing possessions.

The spell led them to a house in a development in suburbia. A rather awkward conversation with the woman who was home ended with her calling the police. The group beat a hasty retreat to the car and Benny put a veil around the vehicle. They waited and observed the area to see if they could find any further clues.

Later in the afternoon, a schoolbus arrived and a young, geeky-looking, teenager went into the house. Less than a half an hour passed before another entropy curse hit. They had found their assailant.

As they were leaving to construct a plan, they were attacked by a group of fetches. A short fight led to them fleeing the scene.

Back at Benny’s mansion they came up with a course of action. They agreed to send Stinky Joe into the house to persuade the warlock to talk with them. Stinky Joe morphed himself into a fedex package and was delivered to the house, neatly circumventing the threshold. Once inside, Joe held a knife on the warlock and told him to call Benny. After a discussion, the warlock, who was named Ezekiel Green, agreed to meet them at the library.

When Ezekial arrived at the library he was wearing a backpack with Stinky Joe inside, the knife pressed against Ezekial’s spine. The conversation quickly proved that Ezekial was an unwitting dupe of Connall. Benny decided to take Ezekial on as an apprentice to prevent further issues of this type.

It turned out that Benny’s father owned the company that Ezekial’s father worked for. Benny arranged to have Ezekial’s father promoted and transferred out of the area and setup a pseudo scholarship whereby Ezekial would go to “private school” there in the twin cities.

When they returned to Benny’s mansion, Benny sent a message to Cu, asking him to come by provide information and training in the use of the Gae Bolg. Cu’s arrivel precipitated a rather raucous night of debauchery.

Hounded: Day 3

Nicholas McCoy was called in to the station by Lieutenant John Martinez. Nicholas was informed that he is under investigation and asked to relinquish his sidearm and badge.

Hounded: Day 2

Nicholas was called into Lieutenant Martinez’s office to explain his actions the previous evening. When Nicholas couldn’t offer a reasonable explanation, he was promptly suspended and told to expect a full review.

The group gathered at Enrique’s house to discuss their options. While they were debating a delivery arrived, Cu had sent a scrap of Connall’s clothing that came off in their battle. Benny promptly began a thaumaturgy ritual to locate Connall and was disturbed to discover that he was a mere two hundred yards away.

The group set out to locate Connall under the cloak of one of Benny’s veils. They eventually found him perched in a tree in the backyard of a Neighbor’s house. They immediately attacked Connall and an epic battle ensued. After earthquakes, exploding fences, localized tornadoes, a hail of bullets, a protracted melee battle, Enrique suffering a massive abdominal wound and a last minute save by Stinky Joe, Connall fled, dropping the Gae Bolg.

Nicholas gathered up the Gae Bolg, and the team returned to Enrique’s house. Once they got there, Benny reached out to Dr. Abdul Alhazred to assist with Enrique’s injuries.

Dr. Alhazred proved to be more than a little disturbing in his methods, but, in exchange for a vial of blood from each of the three heroes, he agreed put Enrique on the road to recovery. The doctor left Enrique with a repaired abdomen, but some rather odd side effects(glowing eyes, things moving inside him, a distorted sense of reality).


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