The Hammer

Leader of the biker gang, the Marauders


High Concept: Viking Wendigo Biker

Trouble: Everyone is food.

Aspects: Old as sin. I’ve done the worst. I’m reformed now, honest.


Thorvald Erikcssen first came to America more than a thousand years ago. His expedition from Greenland met with disaster and, having been shot by the natives, he was left for dead. He woke to find himself friendless in a strange and hostile land. As Thorvald lay starving, wounded and cold, he heard the wind offer him a devil’s bargain—a cold and hungry life or a cold and hungry death. He chose to live.

He became one of the wendigo and for the next three hundred years roamed the region, sheltering from time-to-time with various tribes before the hunger overcame him and he massacred them and moved on.

In 1362 men of his homeland returned to region and he followed them far from the coast. The aftermath of his encounter with them was found described on a runestone that was discovered by a swedish farmer in 1898.

For the past few decades Thorvald has been leading a criminal biker gang known as the Marauders in the twin cities region. They have become a major player in local crime.

The Hammer

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