Klaus Schneider "the Toymaker"

Toymaking Wizard


High Concept: Wizard Toymaker
Trouble: Benny was my apprentice
Aspects: Quiet competence. Honest to the core.


Klaus is a Belgian wizard of an age with the Senior Council. The Merlin nominated Klaus to take the empty seat left on the Senior Council by the death of Simon Pietrovich in the opening stages of the Vampire War. He speaks Latin with a German accent. He is known as a highly-skilled enchanter (though not a Warden, he was one of the Council members who banded together to kill Kemmler) and possesses an impeccable reputation for honesty. He declined the open seat in favor of Ebenezar McCoy.

He is known for using children’s toys as focii, in particular for slaying SS-summoned demons during the Battle of the Bulge with a windup wooden duck.

Klaus Schneider "the Toymaker"

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