Eva Fediraya

Uber Ghoul Guerrilla


High Concept: Red Court Infected Guerrilla Uber Ghoul Guerrilla
Trouble: Too many enemies, not enough friends Now none of my shoes fit
Aspects: What does ‘too extreme’ mean? Pain doesn’t hurt, hunger does. A lion forced to act a mouse. It all looks so tasty.


Eva Fediraya, a native Muscovite, was vacationing in the Yucatan when she had a run-in with a Red Court vampire on a feeding rampage. A Fellowship kill team interrupted the vampire’s activities, early enough to save Eva, but not before her family had been massacred.

The attack turned Eva into a dedicated vampire hunting machine. After joining the Fellowship she quickly became known for her no-nonsense attitude and brutally effective methods. When the Fellowship heard that one of the more prominent Red Court dukes, Amancio Gaspar, was being dispatched to oversee the American Midwest, Eva was the first choice to oversee the situation.

Eva is still undecided as to whether the events of Cannibal Rising worked out in her favor. During the final confrontation with Dabumun, she was mind-switched with him and apparently slain. She was surprised to find herself alive, several hours later, due to the phenomenal recuperative powers of her new uber-ghoul body. After hunting and dispatching the remainder of the Lukinnatum ghoul clan, she left the caves to collect on the debt owed her by Benny Martin.

Eva Fediraya

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