Enrique Salvator Valdez Salazar

Former 2nd in charge of local Vatos Locos gang, now reformed and Knight of the Cross


High Concept: Smart Ass Knight of the Cross

Trouble: Magnet for Those in Need

Other Aspects:
I look like I was born to fight – cuz I was
Smooth Criminal with Friends in Low Places
Grandparents, Women and Children First
Hey, what are you doing here?
Sword of the Cross

Superb – Athletics, Weapons
Great – Conviction, Endurance
Good – Alertness, Presence
Fair – Contacts, Discipline, Guns
Average- Burglary, Empathy, Fists, Intimidation, Might


Bless This House
Description: Your faith is proof against the invasion of the supernatural, enabling you to
improve the strength of a threshold in a place where you reside.
Skills Affected: Conviction.
Effects: By your very presence in a place, you may increase the strength of its threshold (page 230)—assuming you have anything to work with (a place without a threshold can’t get one). If your Conviction is higher than the threshold rating of a particular place, the threshold gets a +2 bonus while you are there. Multiple individuals who have this power can stack the effects, making a den of the faithful potentially very safe from supernatural incursion—unless someone’s so foolish as to invite a powerful supernatural creature in.

Guide My Hand
Description: By giving yourself over to your faith, you may sense the purpose the higher
powers have in mind for you, guiding your hands (and your feet) to take you to where you are most needed.
Skills Affected: Conviction, others.
Faith Manages. Given the time to pray for guidance and provided that your goals are pure and your actions are selfless, you may spend a fate point to use your Conviction skill instead of any other skill for one roll. This effect cannot be used for any attacks or maneuvers,
but it can be used to bypass other kinds of obstacles.
Spiritual Guidance. You have a semi-conscious awareness of where you are needed most. Usually, this simply means you are guided to the right place at the right time. If the GM agrees that such a circumstance is in effect, you need not spend a fate point to stage a fortuitous arrival (page 20). Sometimes this might work in reverse, allowing an ally to show up where you already are.

Holy Touch
Description: When acting with a pure heart and selfless purpose, your very touch is harmful to creatures vulnerable to such things.
Musts: You must have taken Righteousness in order to take this ability.
Skills Affected: Many.
Holy Touch. If you act in keeping with your calling, keeping a pure heart and selfless purpose, your touch can be imbued with a holy power. This could qualify your touch as satisfying a Catch (page 185) for the Toughness powers of some creatures. Even if not, creatures that would be an offense to your faith take a 1-stress hit from being touched by you. You could use this with a
Fists attack, to have your hands act effectively as Weapon:1 against such creatures. In lieu of this benefit, you may have your touch justify a compel on the high concept of any creature that would be offensive to your faith. This way, you might be able to hold them at bay temporarily or otherwise keep them from attacking you. For example, suppose your character with this ability is attacked by a Black Court vampire—you might look at the GM and say, “Hm. I want to have this confrontation, but I don’t want to fight—what if I hit it with my Holy Touch, spend a Fate point, and you compel its Black Courtier aspect to force it to deal with me a different way?”
The GM says, “Okay, your touch burns the vampire and it jumps back, eyeing you cautiously. You still look like dinner, you can tell, but it’s listening—for now.”
Description: Your prayers have a profound effect.
Skills Affected: Conviction, others.
Potent Prayer. When pursuing your calling, you may make a prayer (page 324) to guide your actions righteously—spend a fate point to invoke your high concept and define a Divinely-inspired purpose you’re aiming at. While in effect, use your Conviction to complement (page 214) any action that directly addresses your purpose. If you either achieve your purpose, take any compels that would threaten to derail you from your pursuits, or refuse any compels that are meant to keep you true to your purpose, the effect immediately ends.
Desperate Hour. In times of most desperate need, you may call out a prayer for aid from the Divine. Any time you are hit by an attack that requires you to take a severe or extreme
consequence to avoid being taken out, you may make such a prayer. You may also call upon this prayer in any scene where a friend, ally, or innocent victim is taken out, forced to concede, or otherwise suffer a lasting, terrible fate (like being crippled, kidnapped, etc.). Roll your Conviction as an attack against every non-allied, supernatural creature in the same zone as you, which can be resisted by their Discipline. This attack does holy, physical damage that cannot be offset by any supernatural abilities (it automatically satisfies the Catch on any Toughness powers). You can only make one such prayer per scene.

Sword of the Cross: TOO MUCH TO LIST HERE….

Wall of Death
Your skill with your weapon is such that you can attack several opponents at once, creating a veritable wall of death around you. This allows you to use the Weapons skill to make spray attacks with your melee weapon of choice against opponents that are in your zone.


Background/Aspect#1: I look like I was born to fight – cuz I was
Born to poor immigrants and raised in poverty as middle child in family of five kids (two older brothers, Enrique, younger brother and sister). Father accidentally killed in drive-by leaving his mom to raise the kids on her own with sick elderly mother to boot. He had a very bad temper as a youth but always wanted to do the right thing, however was always getting into fights since before even getting into school…always winning them but remorseful afterward. Same story throughout school and with rival gangs. He always able to fight his way out because that’s all he’s ever known. Dragged into gang-banger life very early by friends and older brothers because “that’s what we do in our hood”.

Rising Conflict/Aspect#2: Smooth criminal with friends in low places
positive effect (invoke) – Knows people who work outside the law…
negative effect (compell) – …and plenty of enemies down there too.
Quickly rose to 2nd in charge of local Vatos Locos because of his natural fighting skills and charisma. Has religious epiphany (vision from Archangel Michael) in early 20’s after both older brothers killed in gang war. In the vision Michael told him that God had chosen him, but he had to go straight first….also warned his little brother and sister would likely suffer same fate as his older brothers if he didn’t show them the right path. So he walked away from the life and begins to go straight…holding down multiple jobs to help support his mom, two remaining siblings and grandmother plus every spare minute helping with church.

Your First Story/Aspect#3: Grandparents, Women and Children First
positive effect (invoke) – Must be protected at any cost
negative effect (compell) – Must be protected at any cost
Story Name:New Leaf
Starring/Guest Starring: Me/Nicholas McCoy and Benny Martin
A poor single mom, Nola Nache, along with her elderly mother and two small children have become regulars at the Church’s soup kitchen while they struggle through some hard times after the sudden death of her husband. A friend in her apartment building suggests she try the Helping Hands Mission. Deacon Roger Carlson (who, unbeknownst to Enrique is one of the Knight of the Cross liasons in the Church) has a devine premonition that something may be wrong and he should ask the new helper, Enrique to “just check in on them”. Enrique goes to her apartment check on them where his investigation leads to Helping Hands and things go downhill from there.

Guest Star/Aspect#4: Hey, what are you doing here?
positive effect (invoke) – Old friends, contacts, allies have a way of showing up just when needed most or at surprising times…
negative effect (compell) – …so do enemies
Story Name:Lost Sheep
Starring/Guest Starring: Starring Benny Martin (and co-starring Nicholas McCoy)
When people start to go missing, Benny tries to find the victims and stop the predation. But can he help them when the Red Court Vampire behind it claims Unseelie Accord protection while harassing him with corrupt mortal police? (Lost children?)

Guest Star Redux/Aspect#5: Sword of the Cross
positive effect (invoke) – Duties, Duties, Duties
negative effect (compell) – Item of Power
Story Name:Sink or Swim
Starring/Guest Starring: Starring Nicholas McCoy (and co-starring Benny Martin)
Found out po-po backed by Red Court I believe. After Nick McCoy is exposed to the truth, Benny arrives to help him (and Enrique) adjust to the new world view, by talking for a long, long time. Enrique is visited by Uriel who then “rewards” him with Sword of the Cross and explains his mission. He receives Fidelacchius (Faith), a katana with a water-patterned steel blade and a wooden-cane scabbard formerly possessed by Shiro Yoshimo. Decended on the Valdez side from Baltazar, one of the three magi.

Enrique Salvator Valdez Salazar

A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities frank1988