A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Something Wicked: Day 2

While discussing the previous evening’s diplomatic apocalypse, the group was interrupted by the sound of rolling thunder. Nick stepped away to listen in to what was happening on his police scanner, where he heard of an explosion in St. Paul.

The group immediately headed out to investigate. Upon arrival, they found that Olav‘s house and the surrounding five houses had been destroyed in a massive explosion. Benny presented himself to the police as Olav’s next of kin. As Benny was talking to the police, Olav was pulled from the wreckage, grievously injured.

The quickly followed Olav’s ambulance, arriving just as they were pulling up to the hospital. Benny was able to convince the administration to put Olav in an isolated area through the application of large amounts of money.

As Benny was making arrangements, Nick received an panicked phone call from Zeke indicating that the mansion was under attack.

The group tore off towards the mansion, only to have the car fail en route. Thinking quickly, Benny opened a portal to the Nevernever. After a jaunt through floating rocks, the Arctic and a dank cave, they came out a half mile from the mansion.

As they came up to the mansion, they saw Eva Fediraya engaged in fighting a massive jaguar demon, while Red Court vampires were taking shots at the mansion itself. After a short battle they managed to run the vampires off.



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