A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Hounded: Day 13

The previous night’s soiree had left the grounds of Benny’s place in a bit of a disarray. After making their way past unconscious nymphs and wrestling uber ghouls, Enrique and Nicholas left to pick up Enrique’s friend Trick who was being released on probation. While they were gone, Ezekial arrived, ready to move in. Benny, despairing at the egregios fashion disaster that was Zeke’s wardrobe, immediately took Zeke to Benny’s tailor.

Trick was picked up without incident, and following a stern lecture on the sanctity of other people’s property, was brought back to the mansion. Benny and Zeke returned and got Zeke settled in.

While the group was getting to know each other a telegram arrived for Bill Jones, Benny’s manservant. The telegram read:

Bill, we’re on our way. We’ll get in this evening. We hope Benny is going to be alright.

A quick investigation found that the phone lines were down to the mansion. Once they were repaired, Benny called his brother to find out what was going on. His brother had heard nothing from their parents. Enrique, Nicholas, Bill and Trick left to pick up the parents at the airport. Nicholas chose to wait with the car to prevent tampering while the remaining three went to the charter terminal.

After about an hour’s wait at the terminal, Bill left with one of the gate agents. No sooner than he got out of sight, the remaining people in the terminal attacked Enrique and Trick. Two businessmen morphed into hulking stone creatures, a b-list celebrity turned into a venom-dripping snake woman, and the remaining gate agent turned into a demonic child.

A brutal fight ensued. Trick managed to avoid getting hurt but Enrique was poisoned and badly injured when, Nicholas arrived to provide salvation. Eventually they slayed the demon child and one of the stone creatures, but the others fled the scene. During the altercation, Nicholas was also poisoned.

Nicholas called Benny, who promptly gathered up Eva Fediraya and used the Nevernever to travel to the airport. Benny’s arrive brought down the baggage claim system. By the time Benny arrived at the terminal, Enrique had passed out from his wounds.

Benny called in Dr. Alhazred to assist. The price of which ended up being $50,000, Benny’s silk tie, and one favor to be claimed later that would not violate any of the laws of magic.

While the doctor worked, Eva and Benny tried to find what happened to Bill. Eventually they discovered a wrecked office with traces of Bill’s blood. Further investigation led them to an area where a portal had been opened to the Nevernever. Benny’s check of the portal showed that it lead to the lands of Winter.

Shortly after Benny and Eva returned to the terminal, Benny’s parents arrived. Everyone quickly retreated to the mansion to consider a further course of action. When they arrived, they found a note from Connall stating that he would return Bill alive and unharmed in exchange for the Gae Bolg, Enrique, Nicholas or Benny.

Connall returned again later that evening, asking for their answer. They requested a day to consider their response.



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