A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Family Matters: Day 3

The team travelled through the Nevernever to Klaus’ home in Belgium where he put together a patch for the urn.

After further discussion with Klaus, the team decided to take three actions.

  1. Benny would approach Chief Ragnavaldr and bargain with him to secure a freehold lord nomination for the Hammer, which Benny would then use to convince the Hammer not to support the Denarians.
  2. Enrique would ask Father Tatenda to use his contacts within the church to alert Nicodemus that his fellow Denarians are taking actions against Nicodemus’ interests.
  3. Benny would use thaumaturgy to take the Urn from its resting place and they would hide the urn in the Pig’s Eye.

Upon their return to the Twin cities, they immediately began executing their plan. Benny and Nicholas went to visit the Chief. When they arrived they had a frigid wait until Ragnavaldr returned home. When he did arrive it was with a hunting party in tow and with a fresh kill bound hand and foot to a pole. The Chief agreed to Benny’s plan with the following provisos:

  1. The Hammer is required to support the Chief in his efforts against Summer for the space of five summers.
  2. Benny owes the Chief a debt not to exceed the equivalent of 30 days of service.
    Upon their departure Benny and Nicholas were each given an Eternal Snowflake that marks them under the protection of the Chief in the lands of Winter.

Meanwhile Enrique had an awkward conversation with Father Tatenda. The Father was greatly disturbed by Enrique’s request but eventually agreed to pass along the message to Nicodemus.

Following their meeting with the Chief, Benny and Nicholas went to meet with the Hammer and provide their offer. Nicholas had to work hard to stifle his policeman’s instincts during the meeting but in the end it was a successful negotiation. Benny and Nicholas discovered that there is an unnamed third party who has already signed for the Hammer, now with Benny and Ragnavaldr’s signatures, the Hammer is a freeholding lord.

That evening the team regrouped at the Pig’s Eye to begin their preparation. In the course of preparing to use thaumaturgy to penetrate the wall of the Pig’s Eye to the room of the Urn, Benny discovered that there were wards in place blocking his way. Thus began a marathon disenchanting session.



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