A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Family Matters: Day 1

Pierre appeared at the gates of Benny‘s mansion early in the morning in an agitated state. After Benny was roused from bed, Pierre asked if Benny had read the Sunday paper and whether the he noticed the article about the archeological dig in the caves under Minneapolis. Benny acknowledged he had and Pierre said that the dig was getting very close to the Pig’s Eye. Pierre asked Benny to repay Benny’s debt to him by helping shoo away the archeologists.

Benny said he’d look into it and got in touch with Nicholas and Enrique. He then made some calls arranging a meeting with the professor under the guise of being interested in making an endowment. The trio was able to get an appointment at the dig site later that morning.

They arrived on site and met an eager Dr. Rutlidge. The doctor took them through the caves down to a silt-filled chamber that housed the dig. All throughout the meeting the doctor gushed profusely about the artifacts they had been finding. There were a few odd facts brought up. 1) Many of the bones had trauma marks indicating they had been hit by long bladed weapons—-longer, in fact, than flint weapons. 2) The oddly angularly decorated pottery was obviously fired clay, and was 60,000 years older than the earliest previously known example. 3) While the professor and grad students seemed perfectly at ease, Enrique, Nicholas and Benny were quite uneasy and wanted to leave the room.

All these oddities prompted Benny to view the room through his Sight. He opened his third eye and saw a largish chamber with a glowing cracked urn on a raised dais in the center. The urn pulsed with light and within Benny thought he could see white glowing shapes moving and trying to get out. Benny further felt himself drawn to the urn, as if he was being sucked in. While he watched massive shadowy figures appeared and seemed to engage in battle with each other around the urn. It was at this time that Benny chose to close his third eye.

On their way out through the tunnels, the trio questioned Dr. Rutlidge as to his funding source. It turned out the dig is solely funded by Giles Brennus, a European venture capitalist with a strong interest in history. The trio in turn made an appointment for the following afternoon to visit Dr. Rutlidge at the university and see some of the artifacts that he had turned up.

Following the visit the group returned to the Pig’s Eye to assure Pierre they were on the case and to arrange an Aquavit delivery for Olav to forestall an early arrival of Ragnarok.



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