A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Consequences: Day 1

The next morning, following the Red Court annihilation, Nicholas got a call from Officer Fintan. Officer Fintan told Nicholas that there was a federal task force gearing up to arrest him and his friends. While on the phone he asked Nicholas if he knew anything about multiple grave sites being disturbed around the area.

The group immediately mobilized and fled to the Never Never. They promptly discovered the cause of the grave disturbances. Dabumun was waiting for them with hundreds of zombies. They retreated back to the normal world and took off to find another spot to enter the Never Never. They slipped back through a portal, and, under cloak, proceeded on their journey. After a short tussle with a few zombies, they eventually came out in the Outback. A few more hops and they found themselves traveling through Winter Court territory. They ended up having to fight their way out, slaying two trolls and several hobs in the process. Eventually they came through at Klaus’s house in Belgium.

After a short rest and bringing Klaus up to speed they left for Benny’s hideout in the Agean, leaving Zeke behind to recuperate.



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