A Cautionary Tale of Two Cities

Cannibal Rising: Day 3

16 Days until Samhain

The team met with Duke Gaspar in a private room at the Pig’s Eye. The meeting went very smoothly. His grace indicated in the strongest possible terms that his compatriots were not responsible for the disappearances and encouraged the trio to continue their investigation.

While walking through the park after leaving the tavern the investigators were startled by a blood-curdling shriek. They immediately broke into a run.

Enrique took the lead and saw two figures carrying a third. When he shouted to get their attention, they dropped their burden and circled back to face him.

A short, brutal fight ensued. It quickly became apparent that the figures were inhuman as they kept evading Fidelacchius while lashing out with vicious claws. Enrique sustained some minor cuts before being dropped with a broken arm. With Enrique down, the assailants turned their full attention on Benny and Nicholas.

Benny was able to identify them as Ghouls and proceeded to assault them with his power. Unfortunately one of the ghouls got too close and Benny was dropped with cracked ribs. Nicholas continued to fire at the ghouls but they shrugged off the wounds. Just as it appeared all was lost, divine providence provided salvation in the form of a passing cruiser. The ghouls fled the scene.

Officer Fintan, a fellow member of Nicholas’s church, was one of the two policemen in the vehicle. They secured the area and discovered that the person carried by the ghouls was already deceased. Enrique was taken to the hospital for further treatment and Benny returned home. Nicholas found a box on his doorstep when he arrived home. It had a card saying “Happy Hunting. -AG” and inside it contained a Smith & Wesson Model 500 .

After some sleep and recuperation the team gathered at Benny’s mansion. While discussing possible ramifications, Benny received a call from the Hammer. He pointed out that if there’s a large group of ghouls only the leadership would be dining on human flesh, the remainder would be confined to more normal sources. The Hammer recommended checking the supermarkets.

The investigators identified numerous markets in the area who were experiencing meat shortages. They staked one out to arrange a meeting with the ghouls. When the ghouls came to pick up their order, Benny approached them and requested a meeting. In the course of the conversation the name Dabumun came out as their leader. The ghouls agreed to setup a meeting for that evening at the Pig’s Eye.

Several ghouls appeared to case the Pig’s Eye before one approached Benny. After giving his name as Habgu the ghoul indicated that he was authorized to negotiate on behalf of the clan. When Benny asked for the cost of engaging the entire clan Habgu quoted a fee of $1 million per week. Habgu further elaborated that this included the services of all 65 clan members. When Benny asked about the possibility of their going to Chicago, Habgu expressed some fear and replied that under no conditions would the clan engage in activities around that city. The meeting closed when Benny indicated he needed to think further on the arrangement.



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